Chigamiwinigum Falls

Representing a total enery potential of 20-30 MW, Chigamiwinigum Falls lies within the traditional territory of the Pic River First Nation and falls under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada's Pukaskwa National Park. The development would allow Pic River to attain true community energy self-sufficiency, as some of the electricity generated at the site would power local community energy needs and allow us to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels for heating and cooling. Energy self-sufficiency would be complemented by economic self-sufficiency, as these own-source revenues would be allocated for community projects like housing, education, and infrastructure. It would also allow our partner Pukaskwa to earn revenue for local programming through a proposed revenue sharing opportunity - an important benefit as Parks Canada programming and scientifc research budgets across the country continue to be trimmed. Although Pic River has not secured the rights to develop the site, we are confident that our progressive development scheme presents a truly innovative method of public/private/Aboriginal partnership.

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