Umbata Falls

Commissioned for commercial operation in early November 2008, the Umbata Falls Generating Station was developed through an innovative partnership between Pic River and Innergex Group. Development rights for the site were granted by the Minister of Natural Resources to Pic River after extensive regulatory compliance, environmental assessments, and public consultation. The generating station delivers approximately 109,000 annual megawatt hours of renewable energy to the Ontario grid - enough to meet the annual power needs of 12,500 Ontario homes. Recognizing the unique hydrology of the White River, the recreation uses of the area, and the incredible natural beauty of the generation site, the Umbata Falls Limited Partnership made a commitment to sustainably develop this 23 MW site and implemented a Scenic Flow Adaptive Management Plan for visual impact mitigation. Efforts were undertaken to ensure that traditional uses of the site - including berry picking, hunting, and fishing - would not be severely impacted.

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